Day 3

So, today’s task was to add services. So I made a custom post type ‘service’ and implemented it in a query, loop and now it’s on the front-page. Now I’m struggling with the layout of the cards. For now, they will look like this:

A preview of a service. It still needs a lot of design.

I’m still in doubt where to go from here. Again, I do not qualify as a designer. For now, I will make some smaller adjustments and leave it this way.

And that’s gonna be it for today.

Main navigation and full screen video

Still day 2

This was a beautiful day. Not outside, it’s raining and cold here in Belgium. But I managed to do a lot of work. First of all the underscores starter theme got MDBootstrap 5 capabilities. From there, things went smoothly:

  1. Show the Site Icon as a brand.
  2. Embed the primary menu from WordPress in the design.
  3. Provide a search function to the users (not finished yet).
  4. A link to Twitter and Github. Not sure about this element.
  5. The full screen video. Set by the number from Vimeo.
  6. Site Title from WordPress.
  7. Site description form WordPress.
Theme frontpage study
A study of the new frontpage with a full screen video.

So far, so good.

Oh, the navigation bar is animated on scroll. First time I did that in Bootstrap 5. Here’s a gif: (but for some reason the gif ain’t working. Will fix this tomorrow)

An navbar animated on scroll. I love it.

So. Time for bed. Tomorrow, we’ll add some services, projects or news to the front-page. Still a lot of work to do but I forgot how much fun it is.

_s and local testenvironment

Day 2

Today we have some important tasks at hand. First, we setup a local environment. For those interested, I’m going to use Mamp, Namo, Visual Studio Code and Codekit. That will do for now.

Then I used _s (underscores) to generate a theme. For simplicity, I simply call this theme twentyfourdegrees.

Let’s set this up.

Update: the starter theme from _s is ready.

The underscores starter theme is active. And empty.

Let’s get coding.

A brand new start…

Day 1

So, here we are. July 2021. My last course ended on June 22nd and I took some time to think about the future and to catch up reading books. Traditionally, the month of July is the month I’m free to study, freshen up my knowledge or just start a new project.

This year, it’s a combination of all of the above: a new WordPress theme based on and using Bootstrap 5, maybe even MDBootstrap. Those are the basics.

Although I’m not a web-designer but just a programmer, I will try to create something that I find ‘different’ from all those block-based websites. I need something that fits my companies… look and feel.

So let’s get started.

PS: all tips and tricks welcome!