WordPress 6, codename Arturo, has arrived!

The long awaited sixth version of WordPress has finally arrived. In particular, as a Belgian, I’m quite exited about the build-in multilingual features which I have yet to discover. FSE (Full Site Editing) is also very promising: what will be the impact on theme development? Must be great to work on so I will dive into it asap.

Latijnse jazz muzikant en componist Arturo O’Farrill

Also exited and curious? You can find a comparison between WordPress 5 and WordPress 6 on this page. Make sure to check the movie since it explains the major changes visually.

Or if you rather prefer an easy reading: check this page.

This is such a nice day!

24degrees development started

So. After some years of teaching, we’re back. Today is the first day of studying WordPress development. And although I’m not new to it: I do love to freshen up stuff and play the game strict.

Hosting and developing for WordPress always had this special place in my hart. And mind. So I’m glad to get things going again.

Let’s get ready for the next major release of WordPress: version 6 by getting through everything we knew: hosting, multisite, themes and plugins. That’s the first part.

3, 2, 1… GO!